Qualities to Consider When Purchasing Tape Libraries for Your Operations

We recently announced a new partnership with Qualstar and we’re very excited about this. Besides aligning with our philosophy that archiving should be affordable, they just make terrific LTO libraries.

We’d like to take this moment to share three important, yet not-so-obvious, characteristics of a tape library that we believe should be kept in mind when making a purchase decision – slot licensing, expandability and drive prices.

Slot License Fees Aren’t Necessary

Slot licensing has always been a point of concern for our customers. Qualstar offers a full range of libraries from 1-24 slot machines to monsters which hold thousands of tapes. All of them are sold with all slots fully functional, meaning no slot license fees!

It is especially nice to see the base price of these Qualstar all-slot-enabled units is actually less than their more restrictive competitors.

Why Expandability and Drive Prices Matter

Any time that we make a big decision like purchasing a tape library, it’s important to ask the right questions – like is it possible to expand the library? If so, how much would the additional drives cost?

Q80 Tape LIbrary
Q80 base unit plus one expansion model

This is where Qualstar shines.

There are two Qualstar products that particularly caught our eye. The first is their unique, expandable 80-slot library that could find a home at many News sites who find they will fill slots rather quickly with the amount of content they create.

The 80-slot library, besides providing more initial storage, has the ability to inexpensively expand with another 80 slots without either the need to purchase additional drives or to pay for a tech visit to install it – customers can install it themselves easily.

The second, suitable for customers not needing extensive storage space, is a 48-slot library which is nearly identical to that offered by other vendors, but at a much more affordable price.

And if the situation comes up where you do need to add drives, be a smart shopper and check out Qualstar’s low prices on LTO-6 and LTO-7 drives. They are a real eye-opener.

We encourage you to take a long serious look at Qualstar’s range of LTO products. Masstech customers have used Qualstar libraries for years and these units are fully qualified to work with our MassStore technology platform that powers all of our solutions.