Benefits for Newsrooms

The story text & video you need, when & where you need it

Crafting great stories requires the content you need to be easily accessible – enabling you to find it and retrieve it to your production environment as quickly as possible with a minimum of effort. Masstech turns your organization’s media resources into a content service that makes the video you need easy to find and use, regardless of where it’s stored.

Frictionless search and retrieval

 Masstech enables you to search local or distant archives and work in progress, directly through your familiar NRCS interface.

Once you’ve found the story and video you want, simply drag the story to a special queue or rundown within your NRCS. We hide and take care of the complicated file transfers and transcodes, freeing you from the technical details or the need for multiple interfaces.

Of course, an archive is most valuable when content is consistently stored into it. Preserving the text and video used to produce your daily newscasts, Masstech makes it easy to build a deep library that can be mined and repurposed.

Exchange easily with your peers

Masstech also makes it easy to exchange joined-up scripts and video with other stations, without needing assistance from technical staff or having to remember FTP passwords. Publishing a story with video to another station, multiple stations or to all stations in your group is again a simple matter of dragging it from one folder to another in your local NRCS. Video and text move together from end to end.

You can easily see what other stations have published by monitoring NRCS wires and alerts, and Masstech brings those age-old wires into the 21st century with attached video that’s viewable directly through your NRCS.

Masstech for newsrooms – putting the content you need at your fingertips, right in your NRCS. Contact us to learn more.