Benefits for Management

Realize the full value of your content

You invest significantly in content production for your daily newscasts. Masstech lets you make the most of this investment and realize the full value of your content through reliable, adaptable and easy-to-use storage, retrieval and distribution.

Easing preservation and reuse

 Basic production systems have limited capacity, typically only enough for a number of days of newscasts. But older, still-valuable content can’t simply be thrown away to create room for new material. Integrating seamlessly with your existing systems, Masstech solutions reliably move content from production servers to your archives, preserving video, associated scripts and metadata with minimum of user interaction.

Journalists search and retrieve content using their familiar newsroom system, minimizing training, increasing speed and removing technical barriers that hinder the content reuse. Easier reusability can significantly lower expense by distributing content production costs across multiple stations and time.

Encouraging content exchange

Masstech enables stations to exchange more content with minimal effort, even if they use different production equipment. Journalists can send video and text from their location to another site, multiple stations or even your entire group with a minimum of clicks and no additional logins.

Likewise, users can find and localize scripts and video from other stations simply by searching in their newsroom computer system. Masstech hides the technical complexity of moving content between points in the needed formats, freeing journalists to share more stories, more quickly with more stations. Usage reports let you measure how much content each station contributes and receives.

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