Benefits for Engineering

The fully-integrated, reliable solution for content storage, retrieval and distribution

Optimizing content archiving and exchange for your newsroom shouldn’t require overhauling your existing infrastructure. Masstech provides deep, API-level integration with a wide range of production and newsroom systems, working seamlessly with your current environment while streamlining processes.

Minimizing complexity

 Hiding technical complexity from editorial staff, Masstech technology tracks story activity within your NRCS and automatically executes consistent, robust workflows ‘behind the scenes’ to transfer video, text and metadata between your systems, locations and storage layers. Publish, Search and Restore operations can span multiple locations, even across different NRCS and production systems. Native transcoding ensures video always arrives at its destination in the correct format.

Most user actions are performed through familiar, native dragging and dropping of stories within your NRCS. Searches can be done using native search within your NRCS or select production systems, MOS Federated Search, or through Masstech’s API. Masstech’s NRCS plug-in provides advanced search and other functionalities, while system administration is performed through Masstech’s web interface.

Infrastructure-friendly and reliable

Masstech solutions are friendly to your network. Low-resolution proxies are pulled across the WAN to user desktops and are directly viewable in both ENPS and iNEWS, enabling content verification and the defining of frame-accurate partial restores. Full-resolution versions of published files are only pulled across the WAN when users choose to localize them.

Designed for reliable, automated operation with minimal maintenance effort, Masstech solutions provide automatic email alerts of any issues. Masstech also offers optional proactive system performance monitoring.

Masstech reliably meets your newsroom’s needs while integrating easily into your environment. Contact us to learn more.