Easy Access and Exchange

The Video-Follows-Text Advantage

Moving media between production locations and archives becomes a simple drag-and-drop in journalists’ familiar NRCS, eliminating extra interfaces, passwords and disjointed workflows. All elements of a story including video, text and metadata are transferred seamlessly as a single package between locations, production servers, archives and even different newsroom systems. This saves time, reduces effort and encourages the reuse of existing content, often lowering production costs.

Frictionless Access to Content Everywhere

All Masstech-archived content is easily accessible to every newsroom throughout your enterprise. Journalists can use video found in their local archive or at other stations in your group by simply dragging and dropping the associated story into a local rundown. MassStore quickly and automatically retrieves the video linked to the story and copies it to the local production system in the correct format, readily available for use.

Diagram of how content exchange happens between NRCS

Share Stories Easily with Other Stations

Pulling video from other newsrooms’ archives isn’t the only way journalists can exchange content – they can publish stories too. Users can feed selected stories (text and video) to other newsrooms in your group with the Masstech Media Wire. Story cut sheets with embedded video previews appear in a special news wire within the newsroom computer systems at all other stations in your group.

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