Archive, Find and Retrieve

Automatic Archive and Easy Restore

Video linked to stories in specified rundowns can be archived automatically, ensuring it is stored consistently, reliably and without workflow disruption. Users can restore video from their own or another station’s archive to their local production server by simply dragging the archived story to a local rundown, with MassStore handling all technical details automatically. Proxies and Partial Restore capabilities enable journalists to preview and edit archived content before retrieval for even greater efficiency.

Native Search with Seamless Previewing

 Masstech gives journalists disruption-free access to a deeper pool of content resources, enabling them to easily find and use content whether published or archived at their station or at any other station in your group. They simply find a story through their NRCS’ native search, and Masstech technology provides direct access to the linked video, enabling previews and retrieval without the need for separate tools or interfaces.

Transparent Transcoding Eliminates Barriers

Automated, native transcoding ensures content is always in the correct format as it moves between archive, production and distribution systems or between stations in your group. Masstech’s high-quality transcoding engine automatically transforms media being moved to meet the requirements of the destination, shielding users from the details and transparently eliminating technical barriers to maximize productivity and creativity.

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