Smooth, pain-free migration

One of the major pain points for broadcasters and video organisations is the migration of data. Whether moving from one storage tier to another (e.g. from tape to public cloud),  from one version of LTO drive to another or even from a legacy or underperforming archive, migrations are a necessary part of storage evolution, but often involve time-consuming, resource sapping projects that can impact your business for weeks or months.

Whichever path you’re on, Masstech has the tools to help to take away the pain points inherent in the migration process. Using simple, intuitive rules-based workflows, Masstech moves and copies content to the required location, quickly, quietly and without impacting day-to-day operations. Whether for purposes of upgrading or taking advantage of new technologies, disaster recovery/business continuity, or simply to relocate content to a different storage tier, Masstech has the migration tools, and expertise, to help.

Integrated AI, de-duplication and enrichment services

As you’re migrating content, why not add value to it? Masstech’s intelligent systems feature toolsets and integrations to third party services that allow you to enrich content as it migrates, or to reduce the amount of content you store via de-duplication and format analysis. You can even transcode video files to a lower bitrate when uploading to public cloud to drastically reduce storage charges.

Whatever you store, and wherever you store it, it’s likely that at some stage you’ll need to migrate your content. When you do, speak to the experts.

At a glance benefits
  • Data de-duplication, dead format identification
  • Disaster recovery, redundancy and business continuity
  • Automatic, rules-based workflows
  • Scheduled, out-of-hours operations
  • Simple (migration-free) switch from legacy systems

For further information on how Masstech can help migrate your content, contact us.