Superior User Experience

MScreenshot of the Masstech MAM Dashboardasstech Content Management solutions feature an intuitive, HTML5 browser-based interface that speeds and simplifies asset management while minimizing training requirements. Video and non-video files – including documents, images, audio and more – can be managed consistently and easily. Functions ranging from searching and metadata editing to video playback and logging are instantly accessible without switching between applications. Content can be managed from any device – desktop, tablet or phone – giving you control of your assets anywhere, at any time.

Easily Find, Preview and Act on Your Assets

Finding the exact content you want has never been easier or faster. Masstech Content Management solutions feature a simple, web-like search interface that lets you perform basic keyword searches, structured searches across specific fields, and advanced searches for precise results. Search parameters can be saved for easy re-use or to group content into libraries. You can scrub through key frames to confirm you’ve found the right content, and initiate actions such as transferring assets – all directly in the search results view.

Leverage the Power of Unstructured Metadata

Masstech brings the benefits of unstructured metadata, dramatically increasing asset discoverability. Relevant free-form, text-based documents such as production scripts, sports match summaries, meeting transcripts and more can be associated with each media asset and leveraged during searches. Search terms are matched across both field-based metadata and unstructured data including the content of these documents, closed captions and XML attachments, increasing the completeness and relevance of search results.

Screenshot of the Masstech MAM Asset ViewerMasterful Media Manipulation

The integrated asset viewer lets you quickly see and edit structured metadata, list asset instances, and attach non-video resources such as documents. Frame-accurate video playback and logging features let you view and work with your video using a rich array of tools. Searchable markers can be added at points of interest to complement field-based metadata and segments can be defined for partial archive restores or playout automation.


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