Flexible Workflow Efficiency

Seamless Integration Enables Optimized Workflows

Built on the robust MassStore platform, Masstech Content Management solutions offer direct, low-level integration with all popular third-party production, automation, playout, storage, PAM and distribution systems. Enabling easy deployment into your existing technical environment, these deep, native integrations combine with MassStore’s powerful, underlying workflow engine to create efficient, streamlined workflows optimized for your business.

Transparent Transcoding Eliminates Barriers

Integrated, high-quality transcoding ensures that your media is always delivered in the correct format as it moves between systems, applications and workflow stages. Content is automatically transformed to meet the requirements of the destination, shielding you from the technical details while transparently bridging format incompatibilities between archive, production and distribution systems.

Screenshot of the Masstech MAM Jobs ListIncreased Visibility into Your Operations

Masstech solutions provide you with a wealth of information to help you monitor and manage your workflows and resources. Real-time job status monitoring gives you an immediate view of the current state of resources and system activities. Historical reports and graphs of transfers, transcodes and storage allocation let you easily identify usage patterns and ensure your system is optimized for your needs.

Easy User Management with Active Directory Support

Active Directory integration simplifies user management and eliminates the need for users to remember another password. Rights and permissions for storage locations, assets, metadata fields and functions such as segment editing can be defined in MassStore and mapped to Active Directory groups.

Flexible, Modular Scalability

Masstech solutions scale seamlessly as your needs grow, within a facility or across multiple sites. And because they are built on the flexible, unified MassStore technology platform, additional modules can be added easily to existing Masstech installations and seamlessly expanded into additional applications such as Newsroom workflows.