Content Management

Archive and Content Management – Simplified

Masstech Content Management solutions let you easily and efficiently manage your valuable digital media content and all related information throughout its entire lifecycle. Providing a simple, unified interface for managing both video and non-video assets, Masstech eliminates the typical complexity of media management. Integrated, intelligent storage management and native transcoding reduce system costs and streamline your workflows, while rich third-party integrations remove barriers to maximize productivity. With Masstech, you get more done in less time, while unlocking the full value of your content.

Diagram showing MassStore in different environments

  • Efficiently and easily manage your media and related files throughout their lifecycle
  • Find, view and manage assets including video, audio, graphics and text files through one intuitive, consistent interface
  • Cross-platform web interface turns any desktop, laptop, or mobile device into a powerful media management tool
  • Superior searching with powerful unstructured metadata support
  • Direct, seamless integration with third-party archive libraries and popular production, PAM, automation, playout and distribution systems
  • Integrated storage management and native transcoding reduce costs and simplify your workflows
  • Seamlessly scalable from single facility to enterprise-wide MAM spanning multiple sites

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