DIVA archive replacement

Switch your DIVA archive to Masstech – simply & without disruption

Your content is valuable. You need a committed partner to help you manage these business-critical resources, and if for any reason you can’t be sure that your partners of choice are able to continue to provide the products, services and support that you need, you have to find those that are. But switching solution providers can often be a risky process, not to mention complex and resource expensive.

If you are unsure about the future of your DIVA-managed archive, there’s a simple and easy solution. Switching to Masstech storage management is extremely simple, and involves no disruption to your daily operations. Unlike other archive providers, switching a DIVA Archive to Masstech involves no re-reading of tapes, and no time- and resource-consuming content migration involving days and even weeks of tape reads and re-writes. It’s a fast, simple and efficient process, which is why many organisations around the world have already decided to switch.

And moving to Masstech doesn’t just give you the peace of mind that comes with a long-term, broadcast-dedicated storage management partner. Masstech provides you with dedicated service teams and 24×7 broadcast-standard support from industry trained and experienced engineers. Masstech solutions are the result of edge-IT development driven by decades of M&E experience, highly scalable and integrated with all the biggest vendors in the M&E industry. And Masstech solutions are often cheaper than your existing providers, offering significant increases in ROI.

Why switch from DIVA to Masstech?

  • It’s a switch, not a migration. Simple, fast and non-disruptive.
  • Highly scalable, ultra-reliable content storage solutions
  • Integration with all leading MAM, PAM, automation and NRCS systems.
  • 24×7 broadcast-standard support and unrivalled service levels
  • Well-established, broadcast experienced company with over 500 M&E customers
  • Hardware agnostic; you can choose your own library and other hardware
  • Inexpensive solutions offering greater operational benefits

Are you interested in switching your archive to Masstech? Call or email us now to discuss your requirements.



Download the ‘DIVA Switch’ PDF