Powerful Features

Fast, High-Quality Transformation

Built on the MassStore technology platform, Masstech’s content aggregation solution features one of the industry’s fastest and highest-quality transcoding engines, ensuring that content is quickly delivered to playout systems in the appropriate format. HD-to-HD transcodes (including cross-conversions) can be delivered at up to 4x real-time speed, with SD transcodes up to 20x faster than real-time. Masstech pairs this transcoding performance with powerful data movement services, so you can be sure your content will be ready, when and where you need it.

Scalable Storage with Cost-Saving Intelligence

Masstech’s turnkey content aggregation systems come equipped with an internal storage cache. Received and processed content can be ‘parked’ on this storage until it is requested by the automation system, saving precious online storage capacity on your playout systems and decreasing overall storage costs. External storage locations can be added as your needs expand, and content can be moved automatically between online, nearline and deep storage resources based on available storage capacity and content age.

Browser-Based Interface and Efficient Architecture

Screenshot of MassStore
Basic media preparation can be performed directly within MassStore’s intuitive, browser-based interface, eliminating the need for costly dedicated workstations. Content can be previewed and trimmed frame-accurately through the embedded player. Leveraging automatically-generated proxies, these capabilities don’t require a dedicated automation client or video server port, avoiding the associated licensing costs. Users can also monitor content status and generate reports through the web interface from any workstation or device on the network.

Automated Compliance and QC

Integrated, single-pass loudness measurement and adjustment capabilities automatically conform audio to ITU-R BS.1770 specifications while transcoding, helping you meet regulatory requirements without slowing down your workflow. An optional quality control module from Venera Technologies provides automatic content verification and quality analysis, eliminating time-consuming manual QC effort while minimizing errors.