Automated Workflows

Save Effort, Time and Money

Automating the localization of media and metadata received from content distributors, Masstech eliminates the repetitive, labor-intensive tasks formerly required for handling incoming content from varying sources. Removing the need for full-time, manual media management results in huge resource savings and speeds operations, all while eradicating costly manual errors. And with transcoding rates clocked at three to four times faster than competing systems in lab tests, Masstech saves you from the cost of more hardware for high-volume transcoding needs.

Streamlined, Seamless, Automated Workflow

Masstech’s efficient automation reduces time, effort and errors. Masstech solutions are tightly integrated with all components of the content aggregation workflow, including file delivery services, video servers, automation systems and optional QC. New incoming content is automatically detected, transcoded to playout server format requirements, and moved to specified locations throughout the facility. Metadata updates and format sheets are passed to the automation system through API-level integration – all without manual intervention.

Masterful Metadata Manipulation

Masstech aggregation solutions can transform more than just media file formats, automatically conforming metadata and supporting information to your local requirements. Incoming commercials can be matched against the traffic dub list based on ISCI code, and renamed with your House ID. Format sheets accompanying received content are automatically adapted for compatibility with your automation system.

Automated Aggregation from Several Services

Masstech content aggregation solutions support a wide array of national syndication and commercial spot delivery services, including:

  • Extreme Reach/Pathfire/DG
  • Javelin
  • PitchBlue
  • MIJOnet
  • Generic file delivery portal

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