Hybrid Storage Solutions


Hybrid storage

What is a hybrid storage environment?

Public & private cloud and on-prem storage have their strengths and weaknesses, as do individual providers. Masstech hybrid storage solutions harness the best aspects of each, automating asset storage across multiple tiers, based on attributes, usage and security requirements. Hybrid combines the infrastructure-free, non-localized benefits of public cloud storage with the highly secure and tightly controllable environment offered by private cloud and local tape/disk systems.
(You can find out more about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of storage here.)

At a glance

  • Instant scalability • Cloud storage scales without the need to add hardware, and Masstech allows you to add new providers as you go. Masstech on-prem systems are the most scalable available to the broadcast industry
  • Build the ecosystem you want • Choose your preferred vendors – Masstech integrates with them all, creating a homogenized, optimized storage ecosystem
  • High security • Masstech hybrid solutions provide the highest levels of data integrity and security: cloud storage offers e.g. extra redundancy, while tape provides a highly secure, air-gap environment that significantly reduces IP-centric risks, such as viruses. And all content stored in Masstech systems, whether cloud or local, benefits from the latest hash-write security
  • Extreme cost-efficiency • FlashNet and MassStore automatically store and move your content to the cheapest storage location, based on attributes that you define (for example how often you use it, how large it is, rights management restrictions etc). Combining multiple cloud providers and on-prem tape or ODA libraries means you’ll never pay more than you should to store your assets
  • Metadata in mind • Metadata is at the heart of Masstech storage systems. Rich metadata creation and enhanced search tools provide the most powerful search and retrieval functionality in broadcast storage management

Utilize existing infrastructure

If you already have a tape and/or disk based archive on-premise, it may not be feasible to move it all to cloud storage. Most cloud vendors provide bulk migration tools and services, but this can be time-consuming, and operator-intensive. Existing on-prem systems can be expanded to a Masstech hybrid environment quickly and easily, and if your eventual strategy is to go cloud only, Masstech solutions provide migration tools that quietly, efficiently and automatically migrate your on-prem content to the cloud, with no fuss and no expensive operator time. Contact us to discover more.

The Masstech Difference

Masstech is the only truly agnostic storage vendor in the industry, which means that you can trust us to give you honest, unbiased advice on the ideal storage environment for you – that’s The Masstech Difference.

Contact us to find out how we can help you build your most optimized storage environment, designed specifically for video assets.