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Cloud storage – optimized for video

If you’re looking at next-generation video storage, you’re probably looking at cloud solutions. Cloud storage provides a number of benefits, including predictability of cost and affordable long-term asset archive. But effective video storage management requires more than the ‘dump-in-a-bucket’ functionality that is inherent to many cloud storage front ends.
Masstech storage solutions integrate with all leading public cloud vendors – AWS, Microsoft, Wasabi, Google – providing secure IT-based storage, while offering the broadcast and video-specific tools, utilities and workflows that are essential to video storage: rich metadata enhancement/search, partial file restore, integrated transcode and automated, content-aware lifecycle management.

MassStore and FlashNet provide all of the tools and workflows you require for a fully-automated, highly optimized cloud storage system that ensures assets are always stored in the most cost-efficient location. And remember, Masstech integrates with more broadcast vendors than any other storage manufacturer, which means that whichever MAM, PAM, automation or editing systems you use, your cloud storage is a simple extension of your existing systems.
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Multi-cloud for asset-specific storage

There are many cloud providers, and it can be difficult to work out which one best suits your storage requirements. Each offers different pricing tiers, egress charges, redundancy & security options, and speed of access to your content. This means that no single cloud provider might be the most suitable for the different types of asset that you process. Masstech storage solutions allow you to choose as many cloud providers as you require: a low egress cost cloud for files to which you require frequent access, a private cloud for high-security assets, and even a third, high-egress/low storage cost provider for archive or disaster recovery. There’s no limit, and Masstech solutions can automatically optimize workflows based on the type of file, so that every asset is always stored in the most cost-efficient location.

And remember, you can combine cloud or multi-cloud storage with on-prem tape or disk storage in a hybrid environment that provides lowest-cost, highest security video archive and storage.
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The Masstech Difference

Masstech is also the only truly agnostic storage vendor in the industry, which means that you can trust us to give you honest, unbiased advice on the ideal storage environment for you – that’s The Masstech Difference.