Cloud & Hybrid Video Storage



Next-generation cloud & hybrid storage

Are you looking to implement a new storage or archive for your video assets? Do you have an existing system that needs updating? The latest cloud and hybrid storage systems from Masstech offer a number of flexible, affordable options that optimize video storage management, from single or multi-cloud through to tailored hybrid environments comprising on-prem tape and disk for rapid access alongside cloud storage for DR and deeper archive.

Cloud and multi-cloud storage

If you’re looking at next-generation video storage, you’re probably looking at cloud solutions. Masstech cloud solutions combine all the benefits of cloud storage (e.g. instant scalability, global availability) with the broadcast-specific workflow management and tools provided by FlashNet and MassStore.  And Masstech solutions make it easy to integrate multiple cloud providers into your storage environment, tailoring the provider to asset types based on attributes and usage that you define and control.
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Hybrid environments

Industry research* indicates that many broadcasters and video-centric organisations are looking to a combination of on-prem tape/disk systems and cloud archives and storage to address every challenge presented by modern file-based workflows. Masstech hybrid solutions provide broadcasters with the greatest cost-efficiency, strongest security, and highest levels of scalability available to broadcasters. And you can even use your existing archive and storage infrastructure to simply expand into the hybrid environment.
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*IABM Broadcast & Media Strategic Analysis,  2018



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