Cloud & Hybrid Video Storage

Next-generation cloud & hybrid storage

Are you looking to implement a new storage or archive for your video assets? Do you have an existing system that needs updating? The latest cloud and hybrid storage systems from Masstech offer a number of flexible, affordable options that optimize video storage management, from private and public cloud, through to tailored hybrid environments comprising multiple cloud and on-premise storage tiers.

Public, private & hybrid cloud

Masstech cloud solutions combine all the benefits of cloud storage (e.g. instant scalability, global availability) with the broadcast-specific workflow management and tools provided by FlashNet and MassStore.  And Masstech solutions make it easy to integrate multiple cloud providers into your storage environment, creating a storage ecosystem that is fully optimized for your assets and workflows.
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Why Masstech?

Multiple storage tiers require centralised management to become an optimized storage system. In addition, a video storage ecosystem requires specific toolsets to enable automated workflows that process, store and manage the lifecycle of video assets. Cloud providers offer management for cloud storage; on-premise solutions providers are able to manage their storage and cloud providers of their choice. Only Masstech provides the control layer that enables a connected, homogeneous hybrid cloud storage environment offering the greatest operational efficiency, at the lowest possible cost. And with more integrations than any other vendor, Masstech allows you to build a single storage ecosystem that harnesses the power and flexibility of all major cloud vendors, including AWS, Microsoft, Google, Wasabi, Caringo, Cloudian and many others.

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