Archiving for Avid® systems


Fifteen years ago FlashNet became the first archive management solution to be included in the Avid® price book, certified, sold and supported by Avid. Since then FlashNet has continued to evolve and remains the class-leading archive solution for the Avid ecosystem.

Today over 250 M&E organisations trust Masstech solutions to keep their Avid assets safe, searchable and always available. Over 40% of production assets in the world are managed by Masstech solutions.

Built-in archiving for the entire Avid ecosystem

Whichever Avid® system you use, FlashNet is seamlessly integrated into your applications and workflows, helping you to manage your storage and to free-up Nexis/ISIS and other local disk space.

FlashNet makes the archive invisible to you, appearing as just another storage location in the UI; simply choose ‘Send to Archive’ from the application interface to automatically move your assets to the archive, and then let FlashNet handle the heavy- lifting while you get on with the rest of your day. FlashNet keeps you informed at all times, providing pop-up notifications within your Avid interface, for example if a tape needs to be loaded into the library.

From fully-featured Interplay Archive to drag-and-drop watch folder-based archiving using Avid Web Services, FlashNet provides a cost-effective, highly optimized archive solution for every Avid® user.

Why Masstech?

  • Proven Solutions – no other archive provider has worked din partnership with Avid as closely for as long
  • Class-Leading Scalability – Easily add more storage as your archive grows – with no performance degradation
  • Deep Integration – Send, find and retrieve assets directly from your Avid applications
  • DR & Site Replication – Replicate content across geographically separated sites, ensuring business continuity
  • Multi-platform – Tape, disk, cloud or hybrid: choose the optimized storage environment to store your assets as cost effectively as possible
  • Unrivalled Reliability – Automatic fail-over and built-in redundancy ensure that your archived assets are always available
  • Environment-specific workflows – Dedicated workflows built specifically for iNEWS and other NRCSs completely automate news content archiving

iNEWS or other NRCS user?

Check out Masstech’s dedicated NRCS integrations for automated archiving of news content, including scripts, media links and deep metadata enrichment.

If you’re an Avid user looking for a reliable, scalable and trusted archive solution, call or email us now to discuss your requirements.


Download the PDF: Masstech Solutions for Avid Users