Smart Storage Management

Lowering the Cost of Archiving

Eliminating the total cost of ownership increases typical of some other content storage management systems, Masstech archiving solutions provide cost predictability and exceptional ROI, free of hidden capacity-based charges. With Masstech, there are no additional licensing or support fees just for expanding your storage capacity – a significant benefit as your organization grows, content volumes continue to explode and new video formats such as 4K Ultra HD consume more storage space.

 Intelligent, Transparent Tiered Storage

Leveraging less-expensive storage options for material not needed for immediate use, intelligent tiered storage management reduces your storage costs without manual effort – again ideal for the large file sizes in 4K workflows. Customizable rules move content automatically between online, nearline and deep storage resources. Storage abstraction lets users transparently find, preview and retrieve archived content regardless of repository tier or location, whether on-site or at another connected facility.

Comprehensive, Flexible Storage Support

Built on the powerful MassStore platform, Masstech archiving solutions support a broad range of online, nearline and deep storage options from the industry’s leading vendors – from disk arrays to optical disc archives and LTO data tape libraries. For LTO users, LTFS (Linear Tape File System) support further safeguards your investment and media assets by enhancing the portability of content between tape-based storage systems.

Enhance Your Existing MAM or PAM

In addition to Masstech’s own powerful Media Asset Management (MAM) systems, Masstech archiving solutions enhance popular third-party MAM and production asset management (PAM) systems. Direct integration with media management systems including Avid Interplay and GV Stratus let their users take advantage of MassStore’s tiered storage management, automated transformations of archived material and more.


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