Future-Proof Features

Native Transcoding Bridges Systems and Time

Optional, native transcoding automatically transforms content you retrieve from the archive into the correct format needed by your production, distribution or playout systems – even if they’ve changed since you archived the media. This transparently bridges format incompatibilities between disparate systems, while ensuring that content archived long ago is still easily retrieved and used. You can also optionally transcode your assets to a specified bitrate and format before writing them to the archive.

Seamless Integration with Your Environment

Featuring direct integration interfaces for all popular production, automation, playout, storage and distribution tools and systems, Masstech archiving solutions work seamlessly within your current technical environment while removing workflow barriers. Deep, native integrations eliminate the need for ‘hot’ folder based file interchange, maximizing efficiency while streamlining formerly complex workflows.

A Powerful Path to Full Media Management

Masstech’s scalable archive management solution is designed to grow with your needs, both in storage capacity and functionality. Built on the same powerful, flexible MassStore platform as all of Masstech’s highly-acclaimed solutions, you can modularly expand beyond archive and storage management to a comprehensive Media Asset Management environment spanning multiple applications, sites and departments – from craft production and newsrooms to distribution and transmission – across your entire organization.

Safe, Straightforward Switch

Are you already using another archive management system? Masstech’s unique archive transition technology makes it easy and fast for owners of select content storage management systems to switch to a cost-saving Masstech solution. Able to directly read existing tapes as they are needed using your current storage library, Masstech solutions can transparently and non-destructively access archived content without the typical, time-consuming conversions and migrations that would disrupt operations and impede asset availability. Learn more in our white paper: “Save Your Content and Your Costs”