Rest Easy Knowing Your Assets Are Preserved

Consistent, reliable archiving is essential for preserving and protecting your valuable content and building a deep media library that can be mined and repurposed. Easily finding and retrieving your stored content is crucial for realizing its full value. Masstech’s scalable archive and storage management solution automates the archive process and ensures your media and metadata are safely stored, while making it easy to find and restore content in exactly the format you need. Whether archiving on-site, across multiple facilities or remotely for disaster recovery, you can trust your critical content assets to Masstech.
How MassStore works in archiving workflows

  • Reliable, automated archiving and retrieval preserves and protects your valuable content
  • Unlimited storage licensing – no additional license or support fees as your storage needs grow
  • Supports all popular storage types, from disk arrays to optical disc and LTO tape libraries
  • LTFS support future-proofs content archived on LTO tape
  • Intelligent tiered storage management moves content automatically to save costs and can create copies in multiple locations
  • Tight integration with popular production, automation, MAM, PAM and playout systems
  • Native transcoding automatically delivers content in the right format you need for any application

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