Powerful Features

Flexible Efficiency for Optimized Workflows

Built on the robust MassStore platform, Masstech advanced workflow solutions replace time-consuming, repetitive tasks with efficient, automated workflows that span your operations. MassStore’s powerful, underlying workflow engine enables the creation of streamlined workflows optimized for your specific business needs. Working transparently behind the scenes, Masstech workflow solutions shield users from technical hurdles while acting as a natural extension of their familiar production tools and processes.

Seamless Integrations Streamline Your Environment

Featuring direct, low-level integration interfaces for all popular third-party production, automation, playout, storage and distribution tools and solutions, Masstech’s advanced workflow solutions fit seamlessly within your current technical environment while bridging incompatibilities between systems or software versions. Media and metadata flow unfettered between systems without the need for rudimentary ‘hot’ folder based file interchange, maximizing efficiency while simplifying formerly challenging workflows.

Transparent Transcoding Eliminates Barriers

Integrated, high-quality transcoding ensures that your media is always delivered in the correct format as it moves between systems, applications and workflow stages. Content is automatically transformed to meet the requirements of the destination, shielding users from the technical details while transparently overcoming format incompatibilities between disparate archive, production and distribution systems.

Designed to Scale with your Needs

Built on the same powerful, flexible MassStore platform as all of Masstech’s highly-acclaimed solutions, you can modularly expand beyond advanced workflow management to a comprehensive Media Asset Management environment spanning multiple applications, sites and departments – from craft production and newsrooms to distribution, transmission and archives – across your entire organization.