Advanced Workflows

Replace Workflow Complexity with Seamless Simplicity

Masstech advanced workflow solutions simplify even the most complex processes and environments. Rich third-party integrations and native transcoding streamline operations and remove technical barriers to maximize productivity. Transparently bridging incompatible systems and diverse activities within a facility or across multiple sites, Masstech solutions enable media and metadata to flow unhindered throughout your operations in efficient, automated workflows.

Diagram to show how MassStore bridges different systems


  • Efficient automation simplifies even the most challenging workflows
  • Enables media and metadata to flow seamlessly throughout your operations
  • Transparently overcomes technical incompatibilities between systems and processes, maximizing productivity
  • Direct integration with popular third-party production, automation, MAM, PAM, archive, playout and distribution systems
  • Native transcoding automatically delivers content in the needed format as it moves between systems and workflow steps
  • Seamlessly scalable from single facility to enterprise-wide solution spanning multiple sites

Read about the features and benefits of our advanced workflow solutions – then learn more about our solutions specifically optimized for Media Asset Management (MAM), NewsArchiving and Spot & Program Aggregation, or contact us to discuss your unique workflow requirements.

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