NAB 2016 - Savva Mueller on what's new at the show (IABM TV)

02 May 2016 | Videos
3:13 mins


Video Transcript

I’m Savva Mueller. I’m the Director of Product Management for Masstech.

Essentially we’ve got a few new things we’re showing at the show, and we’re also talking about some of our releases which have gained a lot of traction in the market place.

We’ve got our web application. This gives users access to all of the content that’s in their system. We manage all of the media assets that a broadcaster or media enterprise might have – whether that’s video or audio files or images – but also we manage the unstructured metadata that goes along with that – documents and other types of assets that might be associated with it, and which also provide extra metadata on top of that.

With our news product, we’ve done a lot of work to take the news scripts, attach those to the assets, and then allow users to search on any of the scripts that go along with these assets.

For example, any of the content in that story – whether it’s the script itself that’s read on air, but also the graphics – are searchable metadata, but other types of text attachment can be searched as well. So you could have closed captions or rights management information, sports summaries, police reports –  any of that information is now searchable, indexed and attached to the asset.

We’re also showing our Portal for Avid at the show, which gives users the ability to drag and drop directly from an editor or other Avid interface a sequence or master clip, and have those pre-processed and archived, giving the user immediate feedback to let them know whether that content is archivable, whether the media is online or offline. And then also providing the ability to drag and drop a sequence to restore any of the content that’s part of that sequence – any of the files that are part of that sequence.

We’re really excited about the releases, and we’re really happy with the reception that we’ve gotten here at the show from our customers.

We’ve got a great new website with a lot of new collateral relating to our four primary solutions which are all built on the MassStore product. Basically providing workflow and asset management solutions for a number of different target customers, whether they’re broadcasters or production houses or other types of media enterprises.

We’ve got a great solution and we’d love for customers to check it out.