Reflections on NAB2019

It’s April 13th, and NAB 2019 is done and dusted. At least, the show is – the  resultant follow-on discussions will go on for many months to come, of course, but the leg work is done and it’s time to rest our weary feet and aching knees for a short while. So, how was it for Masstech?

Great NAB, great job Masstech team!

In a word, busy. In two words, really busy. In three words … well, I’m sure you get the picture. It was a great NAB for us, probably the best ever in terms of visitor numbers and the density of projects that we discussed with our customers and partners. Heartfelt thanks to all the visitors who took the time to come to the Masstech booth and to the events we attended with our partners Avid and JB&A, to see the latest developments to our hybrid cloud storage management and workflow solutions, to discuss exciting upcoming co-projects, or to see our shiny new Clover content suite. We hope you learned everything you needed to; and, as always, it was really nice to catch up.

Away from our booth, NAB always presents a great opportunity to see our industry’s demographics and trends. This year was no exception, and as in the past couple of years, there was a lot of focus around cloud, for both  storage and compute. Unlike previous years,  2019 was the first time I’ve seen significant examples of real-world implementations of this (including Masstech’s own hybrid cloud solutions), and these continuing developments, coupled with advancements in AI and machine learning on display from some of the industry giants such as AWS and Adobe, were probably the major trends.

There was also considerable focus on integration and interoperability. A recent IABM report indicated that deep levels of interoperability between the systems they use was their key concern when making purchases, and exhibitors at NAB showed that the industry seems to be heeding this more now than ever. Numerous announcements of partnerships, joint technology ventures and product integrations would suggest that advances in technology are allowing greater product communication.

Whilst NAB 2019 official figures indicate a continuation of the recent decline in visitor footfall, the old adage about quality over quantity has never been more true. Everyone’s time is more precious, and gone are the days when trade show visitors had the (arguable) luxury of 4 or 5 days away from the coal-face. This leads to a more concentrated schedule, and a greater focus on specific projects and infrastructure enhancements. All in all this leads to a tighter show experience for visitors and exhibitors alike, which can only be a good thing. It’s rewarding to get the most out of these significant investments of time and other resources, for both vendor and customer.

So, NAB2019 is dead, long live NAB2020! (and of course IBC2019 and all the other shows and events that we’ll see you all at before April2020). We look forward to catching up!

Nik Forman, Director, Marketing & Partnerships