NAB 2017 - Mike Palmer on what's new at the show (InBroadcast)

08 May 2017 | Videos

Welcome to Las Vegas. We’re here at the NAB Show 2017 – the biggest expo for broadcast and media content. This is the show where all the latest creative developments are on display.

Hi I’m Ashley Blankenship with InBroadcast. Joining me is Mike from Masstech. Hello.

Hi there. How are you?

Good, thank you. So could you tell me a little bit about the company? To the people that don’t know. Just a brief summary.

Sure. Masstech has been around for about 15 years. We started off managing assets in master control and then we moved into other areas such as entertainment and news. And those are our primary verticals right down.

So what’s new over there? What’s going on right now?

Well asset management is our core with HSM underneath that, and we have added the ability to write to the cloud. The public cloud and the private clouds, in addition to our local file repositories, so this means the customers can store their archived assets both on-site and off-site and public and private clouds.

Very nice.  And how are your customers moving into the cloud?

That’s really the interesting thing. What we see is customers have a wide range of views about the cloud. Some are just interested in the cloud with no plans to move into it. Others want to get their toe wet and see what it’s like, and then others are ready to dive in just right away. And a lot of that depends on if it is a startup company with just a few assets or if it’s an established company with maybe millions of assets. So this presents a challenge for us. So what we’ve done is we’ve actually paved the road to go the entire distance. And we can support customers no matter what their interest is. It’s very easy for them to start working in the cloud by adding a cloud access from inside of Masstech for either their news or their entertainment products. With just a credit card in Amazon they could get a bill for a buck or two each month for playing around. Or they can go all-in and move all of their assets into the cloud if they want to. And of course that’s a big project that we can help them with, but they should feel comfortable about it no matter what they’re doing. Our view as a vendor is we shouldn’t be pushing customers to go in a certain direction. We should be following them and simply providing the road in the direction that they want to go. So that’s very exciting for us. And then we’re building on that with plans to offer our own managed cloud storage and asset management service. So it’s really the full spectrum that we’re offering now.

Very nice. So for people that want to know more about this or want to contact you to speak on this, what’s the website they can go to?


OK, Everyone, be sure to check them out. Thank you for talking to us.

Thank you.