NAB 2016 - Mike Palmer Interview with Broadcast Beat

02 May 2016 | Videos
2:41 mins


Video Transcript

Nikki: Hey guys, Nikki from Broadcast Beat magazine here with Mike Palmer from Masstech. You’re VP of business strategy correct?

Mike: That is correct.

Nikki: How’s your show going so far?

Mike: It’s going great. We’re so excited to be showing people how different MAM can be for them.

Nikki: Before we get into that, can you talk a little bit about Masstech, what you do, what sets you apart from everybody else? Just a brief overview?

Mike: Sure. Masstech is primarily an archive company with media asset management and workflow. Our goal is to tie users as tightly as possible to the applications they already have, so that they can accomplish MAM functions without actually getting into the MAM.

Nikiki: And what are you showing here at NAB 2016?

Mike: We’re working on basically three areas of broadcast operations. The first one is in Spot and Program Aggregations, the part of master control at a TV station, where content comes in both long form and commercials, we tie those together with the playout system, automation and also the traffic system.

Building on that platform, we also have a news product that interfaces with iNEWS, Octopus, ENPS, that allows users to archive content, to search content from directly within those newsroom interfaces, and also trade content with other users.

Fundamentally in that workflow we make the video follow the script. If they move the script from one city to another city, the video automatically moves with it even if the other city is using a different production system or a different newsroom system. All the transcodes and all the stuff in the background is taken care of transparently.

The third area that we work with is long form archives and enterprise archives. This is long form program, syndicated programming, channel origination, that sort of thing.

Nikki: How’s the feedback been so far at the show? Are you getting a lot of traffic?

Mike: We are getting a lot of traffic, and this is our first day and we’re really excited how the rest of the week is going to go.