Masstech Resolves Media Asset Management and Deep Archiving Challenges for FINAS Malaysia

TORONTO, Canada, May 08, 2014Masstech, the leading provider of solutions that enable media companies to save, share and transform content, announced today that the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) has installed a Masstech for Enterprise™ solution (previously called Masstech Emerald™) to replace the media asset management (MAM) system at its centre in Kuala Lumpur. FINAS is responsible for promoting, protecting and facilitating the development of the Malaysian film industry.

Masstech for Enterprise™ is a bundled hardware/software solution that enables interoperability between digital media storage devices, video servers, editing systems, and digital workflow applications so that media can be effectively archived, managed and repurposed.

The FINAS implementation of the Masstech solution enables advanced automated workflows. It takes advantage of the Masstech web browser-enabled user interface to streamline frequently used processes such as searching for content, viewing proxies and asset management tasks. Masstech also provides the vital metadata entry and content preservation required by the Malaysian film industry. The integrated approach to storing and managing FINAS’s film and video content reduces complexity and simplifies training for staff.

The Masstech solution eliminates the fees FINAS would encounter when it reached the storage cap of its previous system. With no hidden costs, Masstech offers limitless scalability in both bandwidth and storage to meet FINAS’s future needs.

Masstech provides customers with a unique conversion process when they move from legacy MAM systems. Unlike systems that require a lengthy and disruptive migration of all managed media, Masstech verifies and processes files on the fly to simplify deployment, eliminate disruptions and provide a solution for long-term compatibility.

“By upgrading its technology, FINAS has chosen a solution that provides them with more effective media management that also lowers their costs and frees them from reliance on third parties,” said Joe French, president and CEO of Masstech. “Implementation of a Masstech solution provides more comprehensive and automated management functionality, along with reliable content preservation that includes LTO-6 LTFS support. The net result is greater security for the Malaysian film industry’s invaluable digital content now and for the future.”

With its fee-free unlimited storage management, built-in transcoding, partial file restore, and other features, Masstech for EnterpriseTM provides FINAS with the overall flexibility to handle today’s needs as well as any future changes in media format, size, or type.


About Masstech

Masstech Group is the leading provider of powerful tools for media asset management and transcoding technology for the media and entertainment industries. From global media companies to corporate video production departments, organizations of all sizes rely on Masstech for file-based workflow solutions that have tangible impact on efficiency and productivity. Masstech serves a customer base that spans Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America. Founded in 2002, the company is headquartered in Toronto, with offices in Australia, Europe, India and the United States.


National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) is Malaysia’s leading film agency and authority entrusted with the responsibility of developing the film industry. Established in 1981, it is a statutory agency under the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture (MOICC). FINAS is responsible to promote, preserve and facilitate the development of the film industry in Malaysia. FINAS is the first point of contact that provides information, advice, support services and incentives for creative content production in Malaysia. FINAS is also the agency that facilitates all foreign film production work in Malaysia.