Simple switching of DIVA archives to Masstech

08 Mar 2018 | Videos
2:09 mins

Video Transcript

This is a whiteboard discussion of:

Front Porch Diva Replacement with Masstech

My name is Mike Palmer and I’m Masstech’s vice president for business strategy

In this video we will discuss

Which front porch systems can be replaced by Masstech
How a replacement system will be configured
The steps needed to prepare for the replacement
What happens at switch over

Let’s get started

Diva is typically comprised of a database application and a number of actors. These typically run on separate servers and connect to the production environment via ethernet and to the library via fiber channel, both through switches.

Virtually any FP system can be replaced by an equivalently functioning Masstech system. However, care should be taken when replacing a production system at the same time. If you need to do this, in many cases Masstech can automate some of the complex steps involved.

The first step in replacing Diva is to grab a copy of the Diva database and three sample tapes from the library

Masstech Support will analyze these and use the information they discover to build and configure your new Masstech system.The second step is to install and configure the MassStore software. MassStore components can be run in either a physical or virtual environments. Software installation is done remotely by Masstech Support.

The third step is to import a final copy of the Diva database into MassStore.

The fourth and last step is to disconnect Diva from the library and production environment and bring Masstech online.

At this point, MassStore will have knowledge of all the tapes in the library and can read them in their native Front Porch Diva format.

As content is added from this point forward, it is written in native Masstech format. From a user’s perspective the system continues to function as if content were homogenous. Masstech does tape and media format conversion on the fly. These are completely transparent to users.

If a site decides they would like to upgrade the library to a higher LTO version when replacing Diva, or if they simply want to consolidate their library, background processes can be created in MassStore which will move content from the old Diva tapes to the new Masstech native format. However, this is completely optional.

In the second step, on the day of the switch-over, a final copy of the database is made and sent to the MassStore system.

If you have questions or would like more information, you can reach us at or visit our website. Thanks for watching.”