Streamlined Simplicity

Frictionless Content Management

The MassStore technology foundation eliminates the complexity that has become so typical of media management. It works entirely behind the scenes, shielding staff from technical hurdles while acting as a natural extension of their familiar production tools and processes. Users are freed to focus on productivity and creativity, unburdened by technical and workflow obstacles.

Superior Search Meets Simplicity

The value of your stored content is diminished if it can’t be easily found and retrieved. Everything you save through MassStore is fully searchable, and its powerful search engine makes it faster and simpler than ever to find the exact content you need. Masstech MAM solutions feature an easy, web-like search interface with rich support for advanced queries and unstructured metadata, while Masstech newsroom solutions let users find and retrieve content and stories directly from their familiar NRCS interface.

Intuitive Interfaces Ease Operation

Screenshot of MassStore interfaceThe MassStore technology platform enables superior user experiences that replace workflow management complexity with simplicity, increasing productivity as your users get more done in less time and with less effort. Masstech MAM solutions feature an intuitive, HTML5 browser-based interface that speeds and simplifies asset management while minimizing training requirements. Masstech newsroom solutions work directly within your existing newsroom computer system, minimizing operational steps while eliminating the need to learn new interfaces.

Empowering Optimized Solutions for Advanced Applications

The MassStore engine powers a complete range of Masstech solutions, each purpose-built to optimally address critical aspects of today’s sophisticated file-based media operations. Masstech solutions streamline advanced workflows for applications including MAM; newsroom content archiving and exchange; archive and storage management; production; aggregating and conforming incoming content for transmission; and more. And since all Masstech solutions are built on the same cohesive, flexible architecture, you can seamlessly scale and combine their functionality into unified workflows spanning all of these use cases across your organization.