Automated Efficiency and Native Integrations

Get the Most from Your Valuable Content, Anywhere

The MassStore engine provides a powerful platform for managing your valuable digital media content and related information throughout its entire lifecycle. Media and metadata are effortlessly archived, searched and distributed so your staff can easily find, re-purpose, monetize and share useful, relevant content stored anywhere in your organization — locally, remotely, or in the Cloud.

Comprehensive, Cost-Saving Storage Flexibility

MassStore supports all popular storage types, from disk arrays to optical disc and LTO tape libraries. Content can be moved automatically to make optimal, cost-effective use of online, nearline and deep storage resources. Storage abstraction lets users transparently find, preview and retrieve content regardless of repository tier or location. LTFS support enhances the portability of your archives. And with Masstech there are never additional license or support fees for expanding your storage capacity.

Seamless Integrations Streamline Workflows

MassStore’s direct integration interfaces for hundreds of production, automation, playout, storage and distribution tools and systems let Masstech solutions work seamlessly within your current technical environment while eliminating workflow barriers to increase your productivity. Native, low-level integrations free you from the limitations of ‘hot’ folders and other rudimentary file interchange methods, maximizing efficiency while simplifying even the most challenging workflows.

Automated Efficiency

MassStore replaces time-consuming, repetitive media management tasks with automated, configurable workflows that support critical operations including ingest, archiving, production, management, traffic, master control, compliance and distribution. Masstech’s native, automated transcoding ensures media is always delivered in the needed format as it moves between systems, applications and workflow stages.

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