The flexible and robust MassStore engine provides the unified technology foundation powering Masstech’s highly-acclaimed solutions for applications including Media Asset Management (MAM), News, Spot & Program Aggregation, Archiving and other Advanced Workflows. Seamlessly bridging diverse systems and processes within a facility or across multiple sites, MassStore enables efficient, automated workflows that simplify operations and deliver exceptional ROI while letting you realize the full value of your content.

Diagram of how MassStore can integrate with multiple systems

  • Powerful, flexible technology platform unifying all of Masstech’s advanced solutions
  • Efficiently and automatically store, search, retrieve and distribute your valuable content and all related info
  • Eliminates technical hurdles – content is easy to find, share and reuse, maximizing productivity
  • Deep, seamless integration with extensive range of production, automation and playout systems
  • Native transcoding automatically delivers content in the right format as needed for production, playout and other applications
  • Flexible storage support including disk, optical disc and LTO data tape libraries
  • No additional license or support fees as your storage needs grow

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