MassStore for Disaster Recovery

16 Feb 2017 | Videos
2:14 mins

Video Transcript

This is a whiteboard discussion of MassStore for disaster recovery (DR). In this video we will discuss how MassStore continuously replicates content to DR at the transmitter site, automates DR playout, and optionally control DR through an alternate site.

Stations and transmitters are typically located at different sites. Program automation at the station feeds the transmitter. If the feed to the transmitter should fail, program continuity is broken.

MassStore for Disaster Recovery works with station automation to send channel schedules, programs, spots and evergreen content to DR playout at the transmitter site.

DR playout is always running, providing a continuous, parallel feed local to the transmitter. Now, if the station feed is lost, the output of DR playout is immediately available to the transmitter. A rolling 24 hour window or more of programming can be provided at the DR site, fed from the station at full or reduced bit rate.

Many more hours of evergreen content can also reside at the DR site. If content is missing from the DR schedule, evergreen content will automatically be inserted. DR playout can also switch to live network programming as a scheduled event if a network feed is also available at the transmitter.

If the program feed from the station is down for an extended amount of time, it is possible to feed DR playback at the transmitter from an alternate location. This includes schedules, programs and spots and evergreen content. Essentially, with an alternate control site DR playback at the transmitter can be maintained indefinitely.

Enterprises may find a common alternate control site of value in providing DR for multiple stations. Masstech’s DR solution provides playback automation, storage and continuous management in an affordable package.