Extending MassStore into Production

Bring Robust MAM to Promo Production

For television stations already enjoying the benefits of a Masstech-powered solution for News, Advanced Workflow automation or Archiving, extending Masstech’s advantages to your promo production and creative services workflows is easy, efficient and cost-effective. Masstech’s media management solutions for production environments are built on the same powerful and flexible MassStore platform as your existing system, making all of Masstech’s robust MAM capabilities just a simple, seamless expansion of your current installation.

Diagram showing how MassStore can extend into Promotions

  • Extend your Masstech system into media asset management for promo production and creative services
  • Replace unmanaged USB drives and ad-hoc network storage with a simple, scalable add-on to your existing system
  • Simple software upgrade and workflow expansion minimize costs, effort and learning curve
  • Find, view and manage assets including video, audio, graphics and text files through one intuitive, consistent interface
  • Archive and retrieve complete production projects, preserving their structure
  • Superior searching with powerful unstructured metadata support
  • Seamless integration with third-party archive libraries and popular production, PAM, automation, playout and distribution systems

Manage All Your Production Assets in One Place

Masstech MAM solutions eliminate complexity, letting you easily and efficiently preserve, find, preview and manage both video and non-video assets through an intuitive, unified interface.

Maximum MAM Advantages, Minimal Investment

For owners of recent Masstech solutions, adding media management for your creative production operations is an easy software upgrade and expansion of your existing workflows. This minimizes costs, deployment effort and training requirements.

All Your Favorite Masstech Features – and More

Masstech’s MAM solutions build on the MassStore features you already love. Intelligent storage management optimizes valuable production storage space. Native transcoding ensures content is always in the format you need, while deep integrations with your third-party systems enable efficient, streamlined workflows.

Start Planning Your Path to Production MAM

Learn more about Masstech Media Asset Management solutions and the benefits they can bring your production department, then contact us to plan your expansion.