Local Television Stations

Maximize the Value of Your Content and Your Resources

Your station invests significantly in the local content you produce, and in effectively leveraging shared content from your station group and affiliations. Masstech media management solutions let you make the most of these investments and realize the full value of your content through reliable, adaptable and easy-to-use storage, retrieval and distribution.

 Replacing time-consuming, manually-intensive media management tasks with efficient, automated workflows tailored to your station’s needs, Masstech solutions save you time and money while letting you make the most of your limited resources. Your valuable staff members are freed from mundane tasks, letting them focus on creative activities that address your audience’s evolving expectations.

Frictionless media management makes your stored and shared content more accessible and easier to re-use while eliminating dependencies on unmanaged USB drives and fragmented storage silos. Integrated, intelligent storage management lets you use lower-cost, higher-density storage, while deep integration with all popular third-party systems eliminates workflow barriers both within your station and even between multiple stations in your group.

Learn more about how your station can benefit from Masstech solutions for:

News – automated archive, easy retrieval and drag-and-drop content exchange put the story text and video your journalists need right at their fingertips, directly within their familiar NRCS interface

Spot & Program Aggregation – automate the ingest, transcoding and movement of syndicated programming and ads received from content distributors, including conforming it to local requirements and integrating it with your traffic system

Production – intuitive, unified media management lets your promo production and creative services department easily and efficiently preserve, find, preview and manage all of their production assets in one place

Archiving – automate the archive process on-site, across multiple facilities or remotely for disaster recovery to ensure your content is safely stored, easily found and quickly restored in the format you need