Sports Teams, Leagues & Venues

Automate the Management of Content Across Storage Tiers

Sports organizations’ content libraries are among the deepest and richest in the media and entertainment world. Meanwhile, for venues, video has become an integral and exciting part of the game-day fan entertainment experience. Masstech media management and archiving systems let you move your content easily and automatically between your archive, production and playout tools, helping you efficiently preserve, manage and use this wealth of content.

Masstech media management solutions let you manage and access all of your assets in one place through an intuitive interface, eliminating the headaches of fragmented storage silos and stacks of separate drives. Content can be archived directly from editing workstations or through your collaborative shared storage environment.

Intelligent, tiered storage management minimizes your costs while letting users transparently find and retrieve archived content regardless of repository tier or location, whether on-site or at another connected facility. Rich unstructured metadata support lets you quickly add searchable metadata to your assets by attaching free-form documents such as game summaries, dramatically increasing asset discoverability with minimal effort.

Learn more about how your team, league or venue can benefit from Masstech solutions for:

Media Asset Management – easily and efficiently store, find, view and manage your content assets including video, audio, graphics and text files through one intuitive, consistent interface

Archiving – automate the archive process on-site or across multiple locations to ensure your content is safely and reliably preserved, easily found and quickly restored in the exactly format you need