Production Houses

Automate Your Content Management Across Storage Tiers

Production houses now handle more media assets than ever before, as projects increase in sophistication and new formats such as 4K Ultra HD consume increasing amounts of storage. Efficiently producing, managing and archiving high volumes of content are critical for meeting deadlines and maintaining your competitive edge.

Masstech solutions replace time-consuming, manually-intensive tasks with streamlined, automated workflows to efficiently manage your valuable content throughout its entire lifecycle. Your content can be accessed and managed from any device – desktop, tablet or phone – giving you control of your assets anywhere, at any time.

Deep integration with popular third-party systems lets you move content easily, automatically and transparently between your archive and production tools. Used on their own or enhancing your existing production asset management (PAM) system, Masstech solutions let you archive content directly from editing workstations or through your collaborative shared storage environment. Intelligent tiered storage management optimizes precious online storage capacity and reduces your costs – ideal for the large file sizes in 4K and 8K workflows.

Learn more about how your facility can benefit from Masstech solutions for:

Media Asset Management – easily and efficiently store, find, view and manage your content assets including video, audio, graphics and text files through one intuitive, consistent interface

Archiving – automate the archive process on-site or across multiple locations to ensure your content is safely and reliably preserved, easily found and quickly restored in the exactly format you need