Houses of Worship

Preserve Your Video as You Expand Your Reach

Video is an integral part of expanding the reach of your ministry, providing a powerful medium for connecting with congregants across geographic boundaries and on an expanding array of devices.

As your use of video increases, so too does your need to reliably and easily archive, find and retrieve your content. Preserving and protecting your content lets you bring your message to followers for years and generations to come, while enabling you to re-use existing, timeless footage in new productions. Masstech media management solutions make it easy to store, retrieve and manage your media.

Seamlessly bridging your archive and production systems, Masstech solutions eliminate technical barriers and complexity to ensure that your video is stored reliably and consistently without disruption to your users and workflows. Powerful, intuitive search tools make it fast and simple to find and retrieve stored content assets. For multi-site churches, Masstech asset management solutions make it easy to find and share content between locations, helping you create powerful collaborative productions.

Learn more about how your church can benefit from Masstech solutions for:

Media Asset Management – easily and efficiently store, find, view and manage your content assets including video, audio, graphics and text files through one intuitive, consistent interface

Archiving – automate the archive process to ensure your content is safely preserved, easily found and quickly restored in the exactly format you need, even as your production systems and workflows evolve