Government Organizations

Efficiently Archive Content While Keeping It Accessible

Video is a crucial tool for any government entity for a wide variety of applications – internal communications, educating constituents on new initiatives, preserving valuable national or regional visual assets, or providing greater public accessibility and transparency for government meetings and processes.

Reliably storing and protecting this vast array of content is essential for future access and reuse, and in many cases a regulatory requirement. Masstech media management and archive solutions ensure your media and metadata are safely stored, while making it easy to find and restore content in the format you need. Simple yet powerful search tools make it easy to locate exactly the content you’re looking for, while rich unstructured metadata support lets you quickly add searchable metadata to your assets by attaching free-form documents such as meeting transcripts.

Native transcoding simplifies the preparation of content for multi-platform distribution. Integrated, intelligent storage management minimizes your storage costs, while LTFS (Linear Tape File System) support future-proofs your assets by enhancing the portability of content between tape-based storage systems.

Learn more about how your organization can benefit from Masstech solutions for:

Media Asset Management – easily and efficiently store, find, view and manage your content assets including video, audio, graphics and text files through one intuitive, consistent interface

Archiving – automate the archive process on-site, across multiple facilities or remotely for disaster recovery to ensure your content is safely stored, easily found and quickly restored in the format you need