Optimized content acquisition

Reduce the operational overheads associated with acquiring and compliance checking content

Kumulate Gateway is the essential tool for broadcasters, media publishers and any organization that receives content from different suppliers.

Kumulate Gateway provides a web portal into which your suppliers submit content, then checks for compliance against your defined naming conventions, metadata and supporting assets. If content arrives as required, it is submitted to Kumulate or a 3rd party MAM for processing. If it doesn’t comply with your defined parameters, Kumulate Gateway automatically sends notification to the supplier, highlighting issues to be amended and requesting re-submission.

Set custom approval parameters for different asset types
See all outstanding submissions at a glance

Kumulate Gateway – at a glance

  • Eliminate traditional operational overheads
  • Pre-set and customizable delivery rule sets
  • Early identification of missing content or other issues
  • Automated rejection or approval
  • On approval content is submitted to Kumulate or 3rd party MAM for processing
  • Dashboard provides single-glance view of all projects
  • Customizable look and feel – change logos and color scheme to conform to  your brand guidelines

Kumulate Gateway is simple to configure. You can use pre-set configurations,  or customise your own. Simply create submission packages, containing your required submission parameters, including: basic file-based metadata (file name, duration etc), wrapper, codecs, language versions and supplementary parameters. Then share the portal link with your suppliers, and Kumulate Gateway will let you know when submissions arrive.  

You can choose to auto reject submissions if they don’t meet all required parameters, for example if there’s missing metadata, or an incomplete set of language tracks. Or you can review all submissions yourself, manually approving or rejecting. Once approved, projects are submitted directly to Kumulate for processing.

In addition, Kumulate Gateway features a completely customizable UI – simply change logos and colour schemes so that your portals reflect your corporate brand.

Kumulate Gateway will revolutionize your content acquisition process, and drastically reduce the time and resources you expend. 

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