Web-based content storefront

Easily share and sell your B2B and B2C video assets in your own completely customizable e-store

Kumulate Gallery provides a platform that allows you to promote and sell your content. Using a simple e-store format familiar to any web-user, Kumulate Gallery displays your assets via a secure online storefront, allowing customers to search, browse and purchase videos using standard e-commerce payment systems (Stripe or PayPal).

Customers can search, browse, scrub and select only the video assets you want to share with them

After logging in, customers simply browse the content that you allow them to view, add their selected videos to the basket, and check-out using the same standard web-commerce tools that they use in their everyday e-shopping.

After check-out, users are emailed a secure link, and with one click their content is downloaded to their local machine.

Choose which assets to publish & share with defined customer groups

Kumulate Gallery – at a glance

  • Publish your content directly from Kumulate
  •  Customers can search, browse and play content before purchasing
  • Integrated Stripe or Paypal e-commerce
  • Option to approve purchases (e.g. pending rights verification)
  • Secure browse, purchase and delivery processes
  • Completely customisable interface lets you brand your own store

Kumulate Gallery has a simple Admin console, in which you can select and define which assets you wish to share with which customer groups. When a user logs in, they see only the assets for which they have permission, allowing concise control of rights management. You set the price of assets individually or by group, and can publish and de-publish assets with a simple click.

Skin your storefront with your own colours, logos and brand elements

Kumulate Gallery significantly reduces the overheads traditionally associated with distributing content. Whether B2B or B2C, you can make your content available to exactly the customers you need to reach, automatically, efficiently, and as an integrated part of your overall storage management platform.

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