Kumulate Q&A

Kumulate is the latest evolution in content storage and asset lifecycle management from Masstech. If you’re an existing user of FlashNet or MassStore, we’ve put together this handy list of questions and answers that explain how you can take advantage of Kumulate’s advanced feature set, licensing and other subjects of interest. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please call your usual Masstech representative or contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

General questions

Kumulate is available now for new and existing customers.

Kumulate is available for customers with current support contracts. Your Kumulate license will reflect the same capabilities that your existing system is configured and licensed for.

No, Masstech will continue to support existing MassStore and FlashNet products for the foreseeable future. You can upgrade to Kumulate as part of your normal upgrade cycle at any time when the time is right for you.

FlashNet 6 customers

There are a small number of features which are still to be added, and we’re working on them right now. All features  in FlashNet 6 will be available in Kumulate in the next few months, but you can contact your Masstech representative for more information.

Kumulate offers significant advantages to customers who choose to upgrade from FlashNet. These include:

  • Integrated transcoding/rewrapping – Masstech’s software transcode engine supports a full range of professional formats and wrappers. Storage and archive locations can be assigned profiles, so that any content sent to that location will be automatically transcoded/rewrapped if needed, saving time and eliminating steps from the workflow. Proxies can be generated to enable browsing and partial restore of content within the KumulateWeb App
  • Sophisticated workflow orchestration – In addition to FlashNet’s storage and media lifecycle management, Kumulate can automate the movement, transformation, enrichment, and distribution of media and content using its highly configurable workflow orchestration engine. Workflows can be triggered by a full range of actions and metadata, both from inside the Kumulate system and from third-party systems such as automation and MAM.
  • Asset management – The Kumulate Web App provides all the capabilities needed for teams to manage their finished content. Structured metadata viewing/editing provided (based on a customer-configurable metadata schema), and also unstructured and time-based metadata (markers and segments).
  • Integration with metadata enrichment services – The Kumulate workflow engine can integrate with third party metadata enrichment services and Cognitive services to extract metadata from content and attach it as transcripts, closed captioning files, markers, segments, etc. in Kumulate. This metadata can then be searched through the Kumulate Web App or by third-party applications using the Kumulate
  • Avid interfaces – In addition to Avid Interplay Archive, Interplay MAM, and Direct Connect to Avid storage, Kumulate has interfaces to both Interplay Web Services and Avid iNEWS. In Avid Interplay Archive environments, Kumulate can optionally archive metadata from Interplay assets and create proxies, this provides a backup or DR solution for the Interplay Archive. The Portal for Avid provides direct archive and restore for Media Composer machines, giving editors easy access to the archive and immediate status for their requests.
  • Adobe Panel – The Kumulate Adobe Panel enables editors to archive, browse and restore content from inside their Premiere app. An early version of the Adobe Panel is available for demos now.
  • NRCS integration – Kumulate news workflow completely automates the archive of news content, enables journalists to instantly find/view/restore content from within their NRCS app, and archives the script alongside the video so that it is available long term. Kumulate integrates with newsroom systems, including Avid iNEWS, AP/ENPS, Octopus, and Ross Inception. Other news workflows such as publishing can also be automated using Kumulate’s configurable workflow orchestration engine.
  • Video server monitoring – Kumulate can monitor and catalog the inventory of popular video servers and playout automation systems.
  • Federation – Multiple Kumulate systems can be connected, so that users in any system can search, view and restore content from any of the other connected systems. Access control lists can be used to ensure that content can only be seen or transferred by users with the appropriate user rights
  • Hashing – A hash is generated for all content, which can be used to verify the integrity of content, both when it is moved between systems and when it is at rest.
  • Closed captioning extraction – Kumulate can be configured to extract and attach a closed captioning file whenever a proxy is created for content that has embedded captions. This closed captioning also becomes searchable metadata for the asset and can be optionally overlaid on to the video while playing the proxy.
  • Inbound S3 support – In addition to a full-featured API, Kumulate supports AWS put and get commands, so systems that support S3 can control Kumulate  using this method.

Yes. Kumulate is natively integrated with specific MAM/PAM/Automation/NRCS/file acceleration systems. Kumulate  also includes a FlashNet API translator so that systems using the FlashNet XML API can communicate with Kumulate without any modifications.

MassStore customers

MassStore is now Kumulate, our newest evolution of the Masstore platform designed to encompass the key emerging and shifting technologies such as hybrid cloud, cognitive services etc. When you upgrade from any previous MassStore version, you’ll upgrade to Kumulate, and have  access to the many new features, new UIs, etc.  Your day-to-day operations, existing integrations, etc, will be unaffected.

The upgrade from MassStore to Kumulate will be like a standard MassStore software upgrade, unless you need to migrate to new hardware or a new OS version. Kumulate  supports Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016, but NOT Windows Server 2008. It may also be possible to remove some unnecessary 3rdparty licenses from your system as part of the upgrade, such as Quantum Stornext and Oracle RAC.

A new Kumulate Web App provides Search and Asset Views which are more intuitive, the Jobs View shows historical transfers/transcodes/workflows, and the Reports View has a new more powerful and customizable design. Multiple systems can now be federated so that users in multiple Kumulate systems can search, view and restore content from any of the other connected systems. A new Adobe Panel enables Premiere users to archive and restore content from directly within the editing UI.

If you have any questions or queries not addressed above, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.