An Industry Game Changer Recognized at CES 2017 with an Emmy

Mike Palmer
VP of Business Strategy

Last weekend at CES in Las Vegas, the MOS Protocol Group was awarded its Technology and Engineering Emmy by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  It was an honour to receive the award with our fellow contributors, and to see proof that open collaboration within our industry can benefit everyone.

Emmy Award - CES2017 - MOS Group
Representatives of the MOS Group to receive the Emmy award at CES in Vegas. L to R: Randall Meston (AP ENPS), Brian Hopman (AP ENPS), Kishore Yarlagadda (ESPN), Mike Palmer (Masstech), Kelly Nigro, (ESPN), Shawn Snider (Ross Video), Troy English (Ross)

The MOS Group’s efforts began in 1998 when broadcast vendors and customers realized a unifying protocol was needed to integrate scripts, video, character generators, still stores and prompters in a news environment.  At that time, systems supporting each of these media types spoke a different language, making custom integration for each device difficult and ultimately impractical.

MOS provided the common language that now binds nearly all production equipment in news and sport environments.  In studios throughout the world video rolls, CG’s are inserted, headlines crawl, graphics appear over shoulders, prompters display scripts, cameras move across floors, and content moves between locations in synchronized harmony directed through MOS.  The use of MOS is now so ubiquitous that it’s hard to imagine how a reasonably complex news or sport program might be produced without it.

Since 2003, Masstech products have embraced MOS and MOS-enabled workflows.  Masstech pioneered wide implementation of one the most sophisticated MOS workflows called “redirection” which allows video to travel between newsrooms in different cities.  MOS allows Masstech to link multiple sites in a such a way that hideously complex copy and transcode processes are distilled to a single drag and drop operation in the NRCS.  Put simply, video and other media follows the script.

Masstech is proud to have been the first company to implement MOS redirection to this full extent, and we look forward to continuing our work with and contributions to the MOS Group.

On behalf of Masstech I’d like to extend our congratulations to the MOS Protocol Group and our fellow MOS Group members for winning the award for work, to quote the Emmy guidelines, “so innovative in nature that they materially have affected television”.