Masstech’s Mike Palmer discusses the impact of the Masstech-SGL merger

22 Jun 2017 | Videos





Video Transcript

Mike, what’s the exciting news at Masstech?

Masstech and SGL have combined forces to provide our customer base with a wider range of products and services. Our combined company will be called Masstech and it will continue to be led by the Masstech management team, headed by Joe French.

Now, how does that help things with regard to growth?

We’ve had a huge amount of respect for SGL and what they have been doing. The SGL owners, the people that founded that company, decided that they were going to retire and were looking for a good custodian to hand the business off to. And because we had offered complementary services this allows us the opportunity to have a wider footprint to better serve our customer by basically having a larger development team as well, they’re able to focus in two areas. One would be that would be the MAM and enrichment products, which Masstech has had a strength in, and the other one would be the core HSM, which SGL has had a strength in.

Masstech and SGL products certainly dovetail well together, but does this give you a new direction as well?

Yes, we have additional directions that we’re pursuing, which is the Cloud. Not only interoperability with public cloud storage and cloud compute, but also bringing our own storage solution to market, which has some unique facets to it, including the ability for our customers to own the media if they wish, so some interesting options to public cloud. And of course working in a hybrid environment, which is what everybody wants to do now. So this will allow them to have local storage if they wish, public cloud storage if they wish, or storage in the Masstech cloud.

Typically, the sales channel doesn’t know what to do when companies get together like this, so what’s going to happen?

A very clear message we want to get to our customers is that the Masstech and SGL products and brands will live on and continue to be supported. This actually is good news for the market in general because where SGL has had strength in the European markets and less strength in the US and Americas, Masstech has had more strength there. So we’re actually evening out our coverage and bringing more products to our combined customer base. But I want to emphasize what we have now isn’t going away.

So this combines the R&D teams together ultimately, but how will the products talk?

Again, we have two very solid groups of products here. We have the HSM and the MAM. Now what we’re working on is how we’re going to tie them together with new services which provide enriched metadata, additional discovery, and deeper value in the longer term storage.