Fox Sports Mexico (Comtelsat): DIVA Switch


  • Migration-free DIVA switch
  • FlashNet driven by Grass Valley
  • < 3 weeks transition
  • 3PB of content, 2000 slots, 8 drive LTO library
  • Hardware repurposed

Lack of development for Fox Sports Mexico’s Oracle DIVA archive meant that it became incompatible with the latest release of Grass Valley’s Stratus production asset management system, putting at risk more than 3 petabytes of content.


Over a period of just 3 weeks, Masstech switched Fox Sport Mexico’s archive from DIVA to MassStore (Kumulate), with no disruption to their daily operations. Even before the switch was complete, Masstech support teams were able to recover emergency content from the DIVA system which had undergone a failure.
Comtelsat now enjoys cheaper support and assured commitment to development and support of their systems.

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