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Design for Tomorrow is a project that explores what is required for a media company to be set up for success in a world of constant, rapid and unpredictable change.

This report continues this assessment by exploring the success factors required in building and managing libraries and archives. These repositories hold media and metadata – the inventory of the media business – whether for reuse and exploitation or for preservation. Their resilience and success is therefore crucial to the health of our industry.

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Design for Tomorrow: Libraries & Archives

Executive Summary

There is growing demand for for access to archive content.  This was heightened in 2020, but the growth of streaming has seen the value of back catalogues grow over a number of years.

For many media companies, the archive is no longer an end point where content goes when it’s complete; it is integral to the content supply chain.

Archives therefore need to be more accessible and more flexible than ever before. New technologies and better connectivity have enabled new use-cases for the archive.

Cultural preservation nonetheless remains as important as ever. These demands for flexibility, speed and access must be balanced with longevity and stability.

There are six success factors required to design tomorrow’s libraries and archives in this way:

  1. Focus on value
  2. Well-organised data
  3. Accessibility of content
  4. Authorisation and integrity
  5. Mitigation of risk
  6. Adaptability to change
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