Making sure you stay operational

Outages are expensive. Preventing them doesn’t have to be.

Masstech provides a range of disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity solutions to suit your business and operational requirements. We can create tailored systems and workflows to suit your requirements, and our flexible pricing plans for duplicate systems mean that peace of mind won’t cost the earth.

From simple content duplication with separate offsite or cloud storage, to complete silo replication including all processes and workflows for business continuity, Kumulate’s automated duplication and migration workflows are tailored to your specific security and operational requirements. And decades of experience mean that Masstech can provide the advice and guidance to help make your systems bullet-proof. And fire- and flood-proof, too.

Contact us today to discuss how best to safeguard your operations. 

Kumulate DR systems - never go off-air
  • Multi-tier storage – implement DR systems using the storage of your choice
  • Automated content replication on-premise or in the cloud
  • Duplicate assets at all stages of their lifecycle, or choose to store only mezzanine or raw formats
  • All metadata and linked documents are stored with all copies and instances
  • Automated replication and layout of programs and spots 

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Sky Italia - multi-site DR

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