The Masstech Difference

We believe that as a storage management vendor to the M&E industry we do pretty much everything to a better degree than our peers: we have the most experience at creating innovative and effective solutions for our industry; we offer class-leading support from people who are experienced in the broadcast environment; and our solutions themselves are unrivalled in their scalability, reliability and integration with broadcast and storage vendors. Not to mention that Masstech systems are affordable, simple to install, and extremely flexible.

Of course other content management providers may make similar claims; but there is one thing that truly sets Masstech apart: we call it The Masstech Difference.

What’s the Masstech Difference?

Masstech creates software solutions that work with any vendor, across all storage platforms. We are genuinely agnostic – we don’t make hardware, we don’t sell consumables, and we don’t operate our own storage platforms. This means that when we design and build your storage solution, you can be sure that there are no hidden agendas; you’re not tied to any specific hardware; you’re not locked in to buying our tapes, or using only a certain cloud platform; and we’re not providing you with software merely so that we can sell you our hardware.

Why The Masstech Difference makes a difference to you

It means that you’re getting the optimum storage solution for you and your assets – if it’s not the best for you, we won’t suggest it. If it makes sense for certain elements of your content to be stored in the cloud, we won’t sell you an on-premise only solution; we’ll help you choose the most suitable cloud provider, operationally and commercially, and work seamlessly with them. If it makes most sense for some content to reside on local disk, we won’t tell you that you need more slots in a tape library; and if your optimum solution would benefit from an on-premise tape element, you’re free to choose whichever vendor you wish. Masstech works with them all.
With Masstech, you’ll always get the most streamlined, cost efficient storage model for your organization. No vendor lock-ins, and no hidden costs. Where appropriate, for example when you need to migrate tape versions or to a different layer, we’ll even help you to reduce your storage components, and to reclaim your IT footprint for reduced operating costs. Which other hardware-centric storage management vendor could you expect to do that?

The solutions we build are the right ones for you, not for us. That’s the Masstech Difference.