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Disaster Recovery White Paper Cover Disaster Recovery for Playout Environments: Six Key Considerations for Implementing or Improving

Robust disaster recovery (DR) strategies are essential for broadcasters and media organizations, and DR solutions today need to be considerably more sophisticated than past approaches to meet the changing nature of the business. Disruption-causing risks continue to grow in both type and frequency, while the financial, viewership and brand reputation stakes are higher than ever. This paper explores six important factors media companies must consider when choosing a new DR solution, or re-evaluating their existing systems.

01 Feb 2017
Optimizing Storage Costs of Large News Archives Through Dynamic Management of Video Bit Rates

The largely unpredictable long-term editorial value of most news content makes managing news archives frustrating from a business and cost perspective. A relatively small percentage of stories and video assets will be re-purposed and monetized in the future, with the remaining content consuming costly storage resources but ultimately never used. This paper explores a strategy that preserves all assets but also controls storage costs, by dynamically reducing the file size of archived clips when configurable criteria indicate that they are less likely to be used in the future.

21 Sep 2016
Effective News Content Sharing Within Station Groups in a Daily News Cycle

Sharing news content between television stations within an ownership group brings benefits at both the group and local level, increasing competitive stance while also reducing and distributing production costs. To be effective, the workflow for such sharing must tightly intertwine editorial and technical processes. Solutions that technically make all content available to everyone but fail to address essential editorial considerations can bury relevant stories in an ever-growing haystack of unapproved or irrelevant content. Journalists must find it easy to contribute, discover, review and select shared content without experiencing a burden of technical details. This paper looks at a content sharing model that addresses these concerns.

22 Aug 2016
Maximizing the Potential of Legacy Content in New Media Asset Management Deployments

Media asset management systems provide excellent tools for managing new content that you ingest and create, but they are often limited in their ability to manage legacy content that existed before the asset management system was commissioned. The ability to use unstructured metadata, including related documents and closed captions, can provide the asset management system with rich, otherwise-unavailable metadata for legacy content. With very little effort, these additional files can significantly increase the searchable metadata, ensuring that assets can be quickly located and leveraged whenever they are needed.

24 Mar 2016
Save Your Content and Your Costs – Your Guide to Painlessly and Profitably Replacing your Archive Management System

Want to change the content storage management system that controls your valuable media archives, but afraid it will be too difficult, time-consuming or risky to switch? Tired of escalating annual support and capacity-based costs, but think there’s no alternative? Masstech has the solution, with technology to enable you to effortlessly and non-disruptively replace your existing CSM system while significantly reducing your total cost of ownership.

24 Aug 2015