Centralized Deployment Model for MassStore SPA

09 Jan 2017 | Videos
2:18 mins

Video Transcript

This is a whiteboard discussion of a Centralized Deployment model for MassStore for Spot and Program Aggregation, also known as S.P.A.

In this short video I’ll describe, from a high level, how SPA can be used to prep content for air, share prep timing metata with other sites, and finally, describe how SPA can enable centralized media distribution for the entire enterprise.

Most stations use traffic, automation and playout systems to render a broadcast channel from traffic schedules, media files and timing metadata. These systems may be located on-premise or in the cloud.

After spots and programs are received from a distributor an operator is required to manually adjust timing information as they prep the media for air.

A spot or program may be received and used at multiple sites within an enterprise. Typically, each site must manually adjust timing. Here, Masstech is used by operators for the prep function instead of the automation system.

We adjust timing in Masstech because Masstech can share the prep timing information created at one site with all other Masstech systems and in doing so, eliminate duplicate prep effort at sites which also use the same program.

The prep function may be centralized at one site or, optionally, it may be distributed across any number of other sites. In either model, an operator preps the content only once, after which the prep metadata is shared with everyone.

Masstech can also share content received and normalized by one site with others, in some cases eliminating the need for multiple local receivers and local transcode, thereby reducing local resources and cost. This can be particularly attractive when used to distribute content created within the enterprise to other sites.