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Is Your Storage Problem Really an Asset Management Problem?

26 Feb 2016

While news departments may have shared storage or production asset management systems, the creative services and production groups are often left to fend for themselves; storing, tracking, and managing their assets in the most basic fashion.


The Cost of Entering Searchable, Unstructured Metadata

25 Jan 2016

“How much will entering this searchable metadata cost us?” That is the question many organizations have when they contemplate setting in place asset management systems. The short answer: More often than not, there is no additional cost above and beyond creating the content in the first place.


De-mystifying Object-Oriented Storage and how it impacts Media Asset Management

02 Dec 2015

From our standpoint, the idea behind Object-Oriented Storage feels very familiar. We’ve always felt that the location of the content is something that should be managed in the background, while the Media Asset Management (MAM) system allows the user to concentrate on editorial tasks – namely, what they actually want do with that content.


Hide Complexity to Improve Value and Speed

10 Nov 2015

In Broadcast, sending the equivalent of a news story with video to another station often requires multiple people to perform otherwise disconnected tasks at each end, including media export, copy/paste of text, file compression, upload, download, transform, copy and link-up. In these processes multiple applications are required along with specific knowledge of storage locations, workflow and usernames and passwords. Why so complex for users?